It is no stranger to the eyes of the Indonesian state that all forms of gambling are definitely prohibited. Entertainment in the form of gambling games is strictly regulated in Article 303 Paragraph 3 of the Criminal Code and Law No.7 of 1974. Although initially online casino gambling was accepted in Indonesia, currently all types of casino games are prohibited because they violate legal rules and customs, as well as damage national morals. It is true that this casino game is strictly prohibited and there are even strict sanctions if it is violated, but because this form of playing online gambling is profitable, the casino is still played with the security key to playing gambling on official sites or bookies.

Government Legalizes Gambling in Indonesia

In the history of gambling in Jakarta during the time of Governor Ali Sadikin, issued Law No.11 of 1957 that DKI Jakarta legalized to collect taxes on gambling permits. Not only the local government of Jakarta, but the Minister of Social Affairs also legalized all forms of gambling by generating coupons with prizes for football porkas, porkas, sports donation coupons with prizes, and generous social donations with prizes. Porkas is meant to collect public funds to support the fostering and development of Indonesia’s sports achievements in order to win. This is an effort by the government to have direct benefits from legalizing gambling to develop their respective territories.

Online Casino Gambling Games

One of the advantages of casino gambling in the eyes of the world that may benefit players link alternatif dewifortunaqq is that the number of bets at the casino is unlimited, so wanting to play any amount of money bets will not be banned from the site. As long as the amount is not smaller than the minimum betting rules, then the bet can be placed by the player This form of playing is freedom when betting so that players can experience all variants and types of casino games on online gambling sites and have the opportunity to gain bigger profits.

Online Casino Prohibition in Indonesia

Abroad and even in parts of the world, people who play gambling actually provide big profits for their casino online terpercaya to get income from the results of these gambling. Even in several cities such as Macau and Las Vegas, special areas have been provided for gambling and raised directly from the economic sector of the people in countries that legalize playing online casino gambling.

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While in Indonesia itself, gambling polemics still occur and are considered illegal in connection with the strict prohibition rules in the law. Casino is no longer played offline but online which can be profitable and make it easier for gambling players to play anytime and anywhere.

Why does the Indonesian state not want to do the same thing to increase the economy or state income by legalizing this online casino gambling?

Here are some reasons why online casinos are illegal, namely:

  • There is a binding law, not only is there a KHUP law that is made to prohibit conventional gambling, but there is also the ITE Law which limits the space and practice of gambling. This is because gambling is an illegal activity for the state.
  • Religion prohibits gambling because all religions in Indonesia prohibit the practice of gambling and gambling houses because it can harm the players themselves, other people and the country.
  • Young people who are vulnerable to bringing technological advances related to various activities will become easier and more practical, including getting money from winning gambling.
  • Increasing poverty, this is one of the activities of people who lose to gambling, which results in selling player property repeatedly in order to place bets to win gambling.
  • The Ordinary Method is a way of playing that has been used for a long time, but this method cannot be used anymore because of the strict prohibition of law on gambling activities. If you want to do it, you have to do it stealthily.
  • The Modern Way, is a way to play online gambling via the internet network and is currently the safest and recommended way for anyone who wants to join in gambling.