The History of Slot Gambling Machine Transformation

Slots gambling is a game that is very easy to play and is loved by many people. The way to play is also quite simple because you only need to determine the amount of the bet you want to place and press the spin button to move the symbols in the game.

Nowadays slot gambling has been played by many people because of the influence of the internet which is easy to access so that people can play this gambling from anywhere through their personal gadgets. Unlike the beginning, judi slot pulsa when it was first released until the 90s was played using machines.

What is the story of the history of slot games in the past until now. Let’s follow the discussion

  • Liberty Bell: The First Slot From Fey

The appearance of the first slot can be traced since 1887 in the city of New York, America. It is Sittman and Pitt, two small company associates who issued the first poker gambling machines and distributed them in various entertainment venues to play.

This poker machine consists of a display of 5 drums with playing cards as symbols and visitors can claim their winnings manually as this machine does not issue cash automatically.

Finally, Fey, a mechanic at that time, felt challenged to make a better game machine and could pay directly to the players. It was from the site that the liberty bell machine was created when Fey simplified the display of 5 drums into 3 slots and this machine used an unusual symbol, namely the golden bell which was designed in Fey and most importantly this machine could issue money directly to the winner.

  • Operator Bells: Fruit Slots From Herbert Mills

At the beginning of the development of slot gambling, it was hit by a quite large storm and made a number of slot machine entrepreneurs at that time go out of business when the United States passed its anti-gambling law between 1902 and 1908. During this time slot gambling became stagnant and all Agen Sbobet Resmi in circulation forced to pull.

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It was during this time that herbert mills made fruit slot machines with the BAR symbol and their legendary fruits that did not contain gambling. This machine can remove candy and gum from the inside so that it is not classified as a gambling machine because the symbol is also a general symbol.

  • Money Honey: The First Electromagnetic Slot Machine From Bally

Slot machines took a big jump in 1968 when Bally released its first electric game slot uang asli which received much criticism and protests from various parties.

So far, slot machines have been played with a mechanical power system where this gambling is played by pulling a lever which then this lever will trigger the components in the machine so that the symbol rotates. Because by pulling the lever, this makes it seem as if the player has control to play the game.

Whereas in the concept of this electric slot machine, all the movements of this machine are controlled by electricity so that a lever is not needed and players can simply press a spin button to make all symbols spin on their own and players feel they can not control their spin.

Actually, this is just an illusion that every individual slot gambler feels at that time. because either by pulling the lever or pressing the button all these symbols move randomly without any influence from the player. It took slot gamblers several years to get used to playing slots without having to pull a lever.

Fortune Coin : Video Slot Pertama

In 1978, slots underwent a change by issuing a third generation machine, namely video slot game terpercaya that combines slot gambling with the concept of tv as a display that makes this game easy.