Online casinos are an alternative place to earn extras for everyone. Unlike in other countries (USA for example), in Indonesia, buildings for playing casinos are still prohibited, so online casinos are a place of escape for people who want to have fun or get additional income by playing gambling.

There are many types of gambling games that can be played in a casino and this time, we will discuss more about the most famous and best casino gambling games in Indonesia and how to play them.

Not only played offline (coming directly), casino gambling games can also be played online at some of Indonesia’s best online gambling sites or play in the form of live casino. Before deciding on the choice to play on an online gambling site, it is better if friends first check the level of trust of the gambling agent. This is because there are so many deceptive online casino sites that have “give a lot of bonuses” advertisements on the internet and chances are, you will definitely find these sites. Choose a trusted and best gambling site so you can register and play gambling calmly without fear of losing money or leaking information. You definitely don’t want your personal information to be spread on the internet, right?


Roulette comes from French which means “little wheel”. This type of casino game is very well known in the world since the 17th century because of its easy and simple game rules. Thanks to advances in information and technology, the roullete game can be played online in the form of “online roulette”.

In both live roulette and online roulette games , there are numbers 0 to 36 (there is a special 00 number for American roulette) in red and black (green for the number 0). You are only required to place and in the rules, you can play in two types of bets, namely:

  • Inside bet

Inside bet means you have to be really accurate when guessing the numbers in this game. Even though it looks very difficult, there are actually many types of inside bets such as:

-Straight up: You put up at 1 number

-Split betting: You place on 2 numbers

-Street: You put up in 3 numbers

-Corner: You put up in 4 numbers

-Six line: You put in 6 numbers.

  • Outside bet

Outside bet means you can place a bet by not guessing the number in this game. The odds of winning on the outside bet are clearly higher than on the inside bet, even though the money is obviously less. Examples of bets on outside bets situs judi bola terbaik:

-Color betting: You guess the color that will come out

-Odd / Even: You guess the type of number that comes out (odd or even)

-Dozen betting: You guess a group of numbers (first 12 numbers, etc.)

After the player places a bet (inside / outside), the dealer or operator then places the ball into the roulette and spins it. If the ball falls into the bet option that you placed, then you win. It’s easy, right?


Unlike poker, Baccarat games are much easier even though they both use cards. In the world of Baccarat, both live and online baccarat, there are terms ” Player win “, ” Banker win “, and ” tie “. In contrast to online casino games in general, in Baccarat games, ” bankers ” are not limited to dealers. Players can place online baccarat bets on the ” player ” or ” banker “.

The rules in the baccarat gambling game are very easy, that is, players only need to guess which of the players or bankers has a total card value close to 9. In this game, 10, Jack, Queen and King cards are worth 0, aces are worth 1, and the other cards (2-9) have the same value as that number. If the total cards in the hand are more than 10 (for example 13), then the value of the cards in the hand is 3 (minus 10). The player who guesses the biggest card value in the match is the winner. If the player’s first two cards have a total value lower than 6, then he has the right to add to the cards in the hand. For more information regarding the game of Baccarat , please see here.

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This casino game is one of the games that is very well known among many people. In an age that has advanced in technology and information, playing slots can be done online ( online slots ) at a trusted online casino agent and you can also get real money from this casino gambling.

In slot games, both online and in casinos, there are terms payline and paytable. Payline is a sequence of images that come out consecutively in a line if you have placed a bet in an online slot while the paytable is a prize that will be given if your paytable forms a certain order. The biggest prize will be given if your payline forms all the same order. No need to worry because in this game, there is also a wild term which means that the image in the slot can be exchanged for whatever you want. In addition, for players who have just registered on an Indonesian online gambling site, usually a free-spin bonus is providedor free spins. Information like this is usually obtained from Agen Sbobet Indonesia.


Poker is a type of online and offline casino game that also uses cards. This type of game is also commonly found on online casino gambling sites or at live casinos. Poker games can also be said to be an online casino gambling game that relies on strategy. There are many different types of poker games , however, what has the most fans in the world of online gambling and casino is Texas Hold’em.

Playing poker gambling is very easy. The dealer will distribute two cards to each player’s hand. After that, the dealer will show the “community cards” one by one five times. If all five community cards are exposed, the player can choose to increase the bet or withdraw the round. The winner will be determined from the highest card combination. The following is the ranking order of combinations in playing poker that apply in all countries from the highest to the lowest:

  1. Royal flush : Consecutive order of 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace of the same suit.
  2. Straight flush : Consecutive of the same suit.
  3. Four of a kind : A variation of the same 4 values ​​(4 Jacks for example)
  4. Full house: 3 and 2 of the same card (3 Ace and 2 Jack for example)
  5. Flush: A variation of the same suit (5 clover for example)
  6. Straight: Consecutive, but, with different types (2,3,4,5,6 with different types for example)
  7. of a kind: A variation of 3 of the same value (3 Jacks, 1 US and 1 Queen for example)
  8. pairs: Variation of 2 types of pairs (2 Jacks, 2 Queen and 1 Ace for example)


The four games above are the most popular types of Indonesian online casino games. Actually, there is another online gambling game that is no less well known, namely, online soccer gambling . However, because soccer gambling is not included in online casino games, information related to online soccer gambling will be discussed at a later time.

Before choosing a gambling agent, making a real money deposit, and playing gambling on an online casino site, it’s a good idea to collect information related to that site. This is because there are so many online casino sites that say that the platforms are the best, give lots of bonuses, are free to register, are trusted, but in fact the opposite is true.

Information regarding the best and most trusted online casino sites is usually provided by online casino review sites . In addition to getting information regarding the best and most trusted online casino sites, you can also get information regarding which sites usually give bonuses to their users. With this kind of information, you can play on the best online casino platforms without fear of losing your personal information or losing your deposit.