Running Online Poker Games For Beginners

Running online poker games for beginners about gambling games on situs poker qq. One of the games that Indonesian people play very often or every day to entertain themselves. But the real main goal is to earn a lot of money easily. In a matter of minutes, the member or player who manages to become the winner can get millions of rupiah. As a poker customer service we always try to provide our best service to our members. Because our main task is to serve and help our members. Even though there are many who ask questions and encounter problems, we still try to provide the best solutions and according to our working procedures.

We also play a role every day to process our member funds at the same time while replying to messages or Live Chat from our members. Every day we also often get complaints or submit complaints from members. They convey this because their goals or expectations were not achieved. Want to earn up to millions of rupiah in a day or a few hours is what members want. But getting bad cards or experiencing losses from there the members also expressed their frustration to us. But we are still trying to serve our members properly. Because we also can’t fight our members, because texas poker qq is a king.

Running Online Poker Game For Beginners

We as customer service often check members too monotonously. Where the meaning is that the member only focuses and tries 1 game only. Because for them they only understand one thing and from the start they just try to play that’s what is understood. Members like this are beginner members and initially just for fun to get money. It’s different if they want to get a lot of money, they also dare to take risks. When we gave suggestions to try other games, the members even admitted that they had tried everything. When I checked his account, he only tried to play 2 games. It can be seen that the members also like to make up information.

There are members who complain because they have run out of funds and ask for bonus claims at night. Then the members also said that every time they got the bonus it was small or it wasn’t worth it. Members admit that they have made a large deposit and also placed large bets. When checked, member messages do not match the truth. When checked, the deposit is also affordable and not actively playing. Members also don’t need to complain about bonuses, because we have distributed bonuses like Turn Over 0.5% according to the existing procedure. So if you want to get a lot or a little, it has been calculated from the member’s total bet.

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When you have lost a few minutes ago. Many members try to play again with the aim of reclaiming the lost capital and trying to get a little profit. By making a deposit again with a nominal value of millions of rupiah. Many members believe that making a large deposit can get a big chance of winning. Actually, those whose names lose or win depend again on their respective skills. Then also if you play carelessly or place bets carelessly, there is no result either. As a result, there are also greater losses due to overexerting themselves, presumably the members learn.

We, as regular customer service, only help the process and solve some member problems to the best of our ability. Many members ask for advice so they can win a lot. We also can only provide advice to prevent the occurrence or loss of a large amount. We also hope that the members also rely on their own playing skills and can learn from their experiences. But many
members got the wrong idea and thought that we gave good advice to win, so they tried the suggestions and failed. The members also protested, actually in this case it’s also not our fault and hopefully the members can think wisely.

To daftar agen poker, the method is very easy, you only need to prepare some data starting from cellphone numbers, email, and active accounts, you can get an account on online gambling sites.