Actually, there are many types of live casino games that we can play by determining one of the games in it. Call it live baccarat, live roulette, card poker, sic bo, dragon tiger, to the latest live casino games which are now starting to appear on the biggest online casino gambling sites such as ultimate texas hold’em poker.

The live blackjack game itself is basically the largest type of casino card gambling game that is very interesting to play. This blackjack game daftar fontana99 can be an alternative to the best casino games other than live roulette, live baccarat, ultimate Texas to other live casino games. Currently, the live blackjack game can be played by bettors without the need to visit casino places. Simply by joining an official and trusted online live casino gambling site, blackjack games can be played by bettors and enjoy the excitement.

Get to know a guide on how to play live blackjack for beginners

Just like most other online live casino gambling games or card gambling games in general, live blackjack is also a card gambling game that uses bride / playing cards in the stakes. This casino card gambling game has been around for a long time and is believed to have originated from France. When compared to playing casino games such as baccarat, roulette, or other card games, this live blackjack game is very easy to play. In contrast to most other card gambling games that are more complex or more in the use of cards. If you want to know about how to easily play 21 card gambling, then you can learn and start to find out how to play it. Therefore, we will also provide a discussion regarding the guide to playing this type of live casino game.

Blackjack is a popular gambling game at online casinos

Rules for playing live casino blackjack online

Basically, in online blackjack the game can be played by several players. As with other live casino gambling judi slot online, especially card gambling games, of course in live blackjack there are also some special rules in betting that players must know and understand before they want to bet. However, many players say that this gambling game is easy, of course because of the use of fewer cards, that is, each player will only play using 2 bride cards.

In blackjack games too, the game will take place and can be started after getting a signal from the dealer. The game can run if the dealer at the betting table has stated that the bet starts, later the dealer or dealer will distribute cards to each bettor by distributing 2 bride cards each.

Various types and values ​​of cards in online blackjack games

Every type of card game including blackjack, of course there are some rules for the value of the card. Although most card gambling games use the same type of card, of course the card values ​​in each game are certainly different. There are some rules for calculating the value of card types in the blackjack game itself, including below, namely:

  • The card value for large types of cards such as J (jack), Q (Queen), K (King) is a type of 10 card, so it has the same value, which is 10.
  • For an Ace or As type card, the card value can be different depending on the condition of the other cards. The value for the As / Ace card is 1 and at any time it can also be worth 11.
  • All types of number cards starting from number card 2 to card 9 have a card value based on the types of cards themselves. For example, a number card 4, then the value remains the same, namely 4, and so on.

The objectives in blackjack and determining the winnings

The blackjack game is often also known as the card game 21. The reason is, in this game, the goal of each player is to be able to successfully get the number of cards in the hand to a value of 21, or at least close to 21 and must be greater than other players if you want to win. Then, if a player gets more than 21 cards, the card will be burnt and that means you lose.

Actually, when playing this black jack gambling game, players will also be welcome to take the next card. But with the condition that the two cards that are owned are far from the total of 21. However, this is where the player must be right when making a decision whether to take the next card or not. If the total value of the two cards you have is 17 from card J and 7, it is better not to take the next card. Because it is feared that the next card you get will actually be a big card and exceed 21. And if the lucky player gets both cards such as Q and As, it means that the player blakcjack and will immediately win. This also tells you that the ace becomes 11 if the other card is a 10-value card.

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Blackjack has a big winning potential if played correctly

General terms in the online blackjack gambling game

Not only from the type of card and its value, in the blackjack gambling game there are also general terms that we can find in the game. Unlike poker games, there are fewer terms in this casino card gambling game, so it will be easier to play. Here we describe some of the terms that exist in online blackjack gambling games, including:

  1. Dealer: The party who has the right to decide whether a bet can run or not, because without the dealer the game will not be executed.
  2. Bet (placing a bet): The term bet is also often encountered in other card gambling games or casinos, which means requiring players to place chips or capital to take part in bets.
  3. Deal (dealing cards): Each player can select or click “Deal” if he has received a playing card hand which is attached to the bet circle.
  4. Hit (added kart): This hit option can be taken if the player wants to add cards because the two main cards are far from 21.
  5. Stand: The opposite of a hit which means the player is silent and does not add another card because the number of cards is considered ideal.
  6. Split (card splitting): The player who splits means splitting the cards into 2 separate hands if you want to double the bet.
  7. Double: Double option will be available after the player’s first 2 cards are dealt to their respective positions. If the player believes that the card is good and can win, then he can increase or double the bet by choosing double down.
  8. Insurance / insure: If the dealer’s open card is of the As / Ace type, the player is allowed to buy this insurance, which is not more than the stake or half of the stake
  9. Pass: If you choose a pass, it means that the player will pass and will lose the bet. Players can take this pass option if there are no good cards that can be relied on.

The best tips and tricks so you can win playing online blackjack gambling

When playing any gambling game, including when playing blackjack games, of course all bettors want a win and success in order to get a lot of benefits. Likewise, if you want to win playing blackjack games, it’s a good idea for each player to know in advance a variety of tips to the best tricks to win. To make it easier for you, here are some examples of tips and tricks to win playing live blackjack gambling, including:

  • Add cards or hit if the card value is still below the total of 16.
  • Choose the double down action if you have a total of 18 cards and the dealer has 6 cards so you can add more benefits to playing blackjack games.
  • Don’t add cards occasionally and just choose a stand if the card already has a large value and is close to 21.
Know the strategies for playing Blackjack to make big profits

Another best alternative to live casino games besides live blackjack

Apart from blackjack, live casino also provides a choice of other interesting games which all bettors can play to add to the experience of playing casino. As with blackjack games, other casino games can also be sure to provide other attractions with no less big advantages. There are several types of casino games that you can also try to play, such as baccarat or online roulette.

Roulette and baccarat are casino gambling games that both have been around for a long time. If the live baccarat game uses the same cards as those used in the live blackjack game with the choice of bankers and players, live roulette is the newest online casino game that uses a small ball and a special roulette wheel. For roulette games, each player is asked to guess or predict the number that must match where the ball lands. On the roulette wheel there are several boxes containing numbers ranging from 00 to 36 or 37 depending on the type of roulette the bettor selects and plays.