Online roulette gambling is one of the gambling games found in online casino games and is becoming very popular among online youbetcash gamblers. The game of roulette originates from French, where the live online casino roulette game uses the main and basic media, namely in the form of a small ball resembling a ping pong ball and a small disc bearing numbers and has a color. On the online casino roulette bookies site, there are bookies who spin the small wheel in one direction, and the ball spins in the opposite direction into that wheel. Then the ball rotates around the wheel which will stop in 1 box consisting of numbers from 0 – 36. Then how do you play online roulette for beginner players? This article will discuss it in detail.

Guide to How to Play Roulette Online

Currently playing online roulette there are two types of games, namely the American version of online roulette and the European version of online roulette, which both the American and European versions have the same roulette playing guide. The difference between the American and European versions of this type of playing roulette is the box, if the American version of roulette uses 38 numbers, while the European version of casino roulette uses 37 numbers. After getting to know carefully the types of American and European casino roulette games above, the following will be described below regarding a guide on how to play online casino roulette, including:

  • If the player chooses an even or odd number when playing rounds then the number 0 is not an even or odd number.
  • Guessing numbers on the table that rotates the wheel can be purchased from gambling games only from 01 to 36 if you buy numbers outside 36 then you will be declared fold and the money is not reversed.
  • After your bet is placed, the dealer will spin the roulette wheel ball counterclockwise, and the wheel ball rotates several rotations slowly until it stops at one of the numbers on the roulette table.
  • If the number that comes out in the casino roulette game is 0, then bet on small, red, black.
  • Spinning the wheel in roulette games then the ball will be thrown into the wheel that rotates on the roulette table.
  • When the wheel stops, the results of the guide on how to play roulette or the game of roulette can be seen because the place where the wheel stops places sbobet casino on the numbers that come out to be winnings.

Online Casino Roulette Bet Types

  • Straight up is a type of play in which the selection bet is based on the number on the betting board.
  • Split bet is a type of bet that is focused on guessing the value of 2 numbers at once where players can easily place bets on a choice of 2 numbers.
  • Street bet is a type of bet that chooses to be 3 numbers and consecutively.
  • Square bet is one of the roulette games with a bet type that chooses a 4-digit value and players still place bets on the numbers in the game.
  • Line bet is a betting type casino game that selects 6 numbers in a row and players easily place chips on the betting board between 1 number and 4 if placing a game bet for numbers 1 to 6. As an example of a line bet by placing bets on numbers 21, 22, 23, 24 , 25 and 26.
  • Corner bet is a type of bet that chooses 12 numbers and places a bet on numbers that are in a straight line. A type of bet where you are required to place a number that includes 4 numbers at once, for example, the numbers like this are 11, 12, 14 and 15.
  • Dozen bet is a bet type that selects 12 numbers and there is a special column such as 1st 12 if betting for 1 number up to 12.
  • Low or High bet is a type of bet that places money in one of the boxes listed 1 to 18 or 19 to 36.
  • Red or Black bet is a bet type that only selects one color between black and red if the ball comes to rest in one of the numbers of the corresponding color.
  • Odd or Even bet is a winning bet type that only chooses odd (odds) or even (even) which each includes 18 numbers in the box as well as the column.
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Odds of Winning Online Roulette Betting Game

Gambling games with inside bets are placed on the roulette table while outside bets are placed on areas outside the numbers. Since the bet has several numbers, the chance of winning the payout is lower than what the player gets from the bet in. The bets that have odds include:

  • Red or black betting is betting on the color of the winning number.
  • An odd-even bet is a bet with an odd or even number that wins.
  • The high or low bet is the winning number between 1- 18 or 19 – 36.

Playing Casino Roulette Online Gambling For Beginners

  • Bet on the number box, play roulette by trying to guess numbers 1 to 18 and also 19 to 36.
  • Target losses and wins in playing roulette, you should prepare a winning target and think about a minimum loss of losses.
  • Manage your capital in playing roulette, you should prepare a winning target and think about a minimum loss of loss.
  • Manage your capital, don’t let your total winnings be allowed to mix with the capital you use to play online roulette.
  • Time the game to win, that is, with calm in any type of gambling game. Therefore, players must play by setting the time so they can play calmly and not
  • Calmness is really needed in every type of game on any gambling site to easily guess the bet. For that players must play by setting the time so they can play and guess calmly and not in a hurry.

Advantages of the Best Online Roulette Game

  • The game of roulette is easy to play and is very flexible, because this activity is carried out on an online network, bookies bets can be played anytime and anywhere flexibly in the available column.
  • The experience of players playing 1 2 games is the same as online casino gambling houses because in online roulette site gambling games there will definitely be at the original casino house. The roulette site round game itself will be played easily live or often referred to as live casino roulette betting.

Settings for Playing Roulette Online

Basically, the numbers in the casino game round of Roulette have the same chance of appearing. There are round numbers that appear up to several times in 10 rounds, so players are easy

bet on numbers up to several rounds to get the final win at the roulette table. Many variations are easy enough to make this game never boring to play so that the casino game of roulette is the best site for players to get a lot of money.