The type of game that uses this card originated from where the casino game was played offline because in that era there was no technological advancement like today, but slowly over time technological advances became increasingly sophisticated so that many casino gambling game companies switched to online. The more famous and attractive this dragon tiger casino game starts in one of the cities of Cambodia, namely Phnom Penh, which at that time the game was very simple but it is getting more and more crowded until now in 2020 it is enjoyed by various types of people from various countries such as Southeast Asia. .

Dragon Tiger Online Casino 2021

In this case, what is meant by dragon tiger online casino game ? Dragon tiger is a type of gambling game website whose form of play Agen Bola Terpercaya is almost the same as baccarat, but the card count is different, using 8 decks of cards and the player will be given the card and who gets the biggest card value then he is the winner of this online gambling game. Meanwhile, how about a guide on how to play dragon tiger ?The essence of the all rights reserved post of this dragon tiger gambling game is predicting cards with a higher value because there are two sides of the place where the dealer will distribute cards, namely the dragon side and the tiger side. Then the game on both sides will only be dealt one card each and the player is asked to guess which card has a higher value, whether it is the dragon and tiger side card.

Play Dragon Tiger

The dragon tiger game sees a condition where when your card has been distributed it is open, then at that time the play is over and the winner immediately comes out right away. Here you will only see the value listed on the card whose card order is for As as the smallest card because it is counted as a card worth 1 and for card K is the largest card because it is counted as a card with a value of 13. So if sorted from smallest to largest is As, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q and K. All kinds of pictures have the same value and get 6 spades and 6 hearts then it will be counted as a tie or situs judi slot terpercaya.

3 Dragon Tiger Bet Options

This gambling game has 3 different betting options, namely Dragon, Tie and Tiger. Of the three types of bets, this has a significant difference because if you place a dragon or tiger, the bettor must have the higher card for the option, if the result is a draw then the tie will be the winner.

Winner of Dragon Tiger Gambling

In gambling games, of course, each player has a goal to win because winning will produce prizes with fantastic values. Then how do you determine the winner in the dragon tiger online casino game?The determination for winners in the game is seen from the bets placed on the dragon and tiger side with a value ratio of for 1: 1 from the initial bet value, for example if you or you are a player who puts 50,000, it means you will get 50,000 as a prize. Then to determine the winner in this game requires the player who places the bet with the highest card be it dragon and tiger, if you or you are the player to choose correctly then they come out you are the winner for this game. Whereas another option is a big and small betting game where the player will decide which card will be more or less than 7 by placing an odd or even bet and if it is true then they will win.

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Dragon Tiger Tricks Guide

Every online gambling website game, of course, players have special tricks in betting results, the same as playing dragon tiger gambling. Are there any special tricks to win the dragon tiger gambling game? Yes, there are several tricks, including:

  • Determine the Victory Target, of course you must have a winning target, if you have a post target of 3x the capital you bring, then when it is reached it will stop immediately.
  • Reading the History Board and Percentage Board, before starting the bet, you should read the history and percentage board first, so that you understand the pattern of play and place bets correctly.
  • Place the Tie Bet, place it when the choice rarely comes out, because if we win the tie bet, we will get a 1: 8 post from the bet.
  • Switching Tables, if in several rounds of play the bettors always lose, immediately change tables and look for luck at another table.
  • Opening a Special Account, you should separate between a savings account and an online gambling account so that your savings account is not disturbed.
  • Playing Focus, when playing gambling for this online, you should always focus on playing the bettors so as not to lose playing when betting / not cookies.

Dragon Tiger Casino Betting Site

Each bet option in this game has a percentage of its respective odds, and statistically, dragons and tigers have a house edge or HE of 3.73%. This figure is considered very small, meaning that it has a very high chance of winning because the higher the HE, the less likely it is to win. Meanwhile, for the tie option, the chance to win is very small with HE reaching 32%. The purpose of playing this game is betting to have the highest card number to win where the dealer will only draw one card for each dragon or tiger side. The cards have the smallest to highest value respectively, while the smallest on the aces is 1, the Jack card has the number 11, the Queen 12, and the King 13 card is the highest king card to be played.