When viewed from the gambling game sector in Indonesia, the fact is that since the beginning of online gambling lottery is strictly prohibited in Indonesia in the law. However, it does not rule out that the level of gambling is still dominated by various groups of Indonesian people who play gambling secretly because of the strict prohibition in government regulations. When traced the history of gambling, it is not known for sure since when humans themselves have gambled because this game has been known for thousands of years in parts of countries, one of which is Europe and the UK. Of course, the same thing in Indonesia for the practice and development of gambling has different ways in each city area. Then what is the history and development of gambling in Indonesia? Let’s carefully browse this article until it ends because there will be a lot of discussion about the history of gambling and its development in Indonesia.

History of Gambling in Indonesia

Gambling has been practiced before prehistoric times such as the Mahabharata story, whose history tells of the Pandavas losing their kingdom and being judi kartu online banished because they lost a gambling game against the Kuravas and then thrown into the forest for 13 years because they lost gambling. Then in what year did gambling become popular in Indonesia? Gambling began to enter Indonesia in the 15th century through the VOC introducing gambling which could generate large income from gambling houses since 1620 the VOC government gave permission for Chinese people to open gambling houses with types of games such as lottery, card gambling, dice, domino cards, and cockfighting in Jakarta.

So to answer the question who introduced gambling to Indonesia? You can look carefully at articles discussing the history of gambling in Indonesia that what introduced the game of gambling was the story of the Pandawa mahabarata agen bola sbobet his kingdom and being banished into the forest for 13 years because he lost a gambling game against the Kuravas. Then followed by the period of Souw Beng Kong, the first Chinese chief in the city of Batavia, an official gambling house was established and was given the right to collect a tax of 20 percent of the gambling tax imposed by the VOC on gambling house owners.

Early Development of the Game of Gambling in Indonesia

Read carefully at first that those who gamble are humans or people who are classified as shamans because at that time, many shamans were relied on to make predictions about events or calamities using tools such as sticks, stones and even animal bones then the tool would be thrown into the air and entered into. a bowl. After that, based on the location of the falling animal bone stick, it makes a prediction that becomes the forerunner of gambling because you have to guess the position of the fall or landing of an object that is quite similar to the type of roulette gambling game . The difference is roulette stops.

Gambling in the form of a lottery in its history is known as the tail lottery that in Bandung there is a tail lottery which people call Toto Raga as an effort to raise funds following horse races. Meanwhile, in Jakarta during the Governor of DKI Jakarta, Ali Sadikin, a lottery draw named Toto and Nalo (National Lottery) appeared. Read in the history of gambling in Jakarta, the Jakarta government of former Governor Ali Sadikin took advantage of the gambling to build DKI Jakarta which later issued Law Number 11 of 1957 that the Jakarta regional government legalized collecting taxes on gambling permits. It is not only in Jakarta that gambling is legalized by the government for the sake of developing their respective regions, this is also welcomed by the Minister of Social Affairs, who later appeared the Porkas Football Prize Coupon, Porkas,

Then on December 28, 1985, football porkas coupons were unveiled, circulated, and sold. Porkas is intended to raise public funds to support human development and development of Indonesian sports achievements to win. Porkas aims to ensure that the prize draw does not cause various social evils. In the period January-December 1987, SOB drained public funds of IDR 221.2 billion.

Then gambling underwent a developing transformation following an era where humans changed it to be more sophisticated where technological advances were increasingly rapid that connected the world of gambling to the internet called online gambling. Why is online gambling more popular nowadays than offline gambling? The answer is because online gambling makes it very easy for players or humans from all over the country to join in one link or website to play gambling that is available anytime and anywhere as long as it is connected to the internet and prizes and bonuses of up to hundreds of millions. Not only that, gambling also has various types of games on online gambling sites which is available so widely offers various advantages and advantages of each online gambling site. Finally, a variety of online gambling can be accessed by people via the player’s smartphone to further simplify the access points for gambling into the available applications.

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Prohibition of Gambling in Indonesia

It has been a long time since Indonesia has implemented regulations on the prohibition of gambling which have been regulated by the government since the 1960s, namely President Soekarno issued a Presidential Decree or Keppres of Law No. 113 of 1965 containing a statement that the tail lottery damaged the morale of the nation and was categorized as subversion. Then the other legal basis for the rules prohibiting humans from gambling, among others:

  • Article 303 Paragraph 3 of the Criminal Code , where gambling is things that include any games that get profit or usually because of luck, including betting on the decision of a match or competition, namely that they are not players of the match along with other forms of betting.
  • Article 542 of the Criminal Code, again emphasizes that gambling is not a crime. So it must get a strict sentence, both imprisonment and a fine.
  • Law No. 7 of 1974, also regulates the punishment that gamblers get in the form of imprisonment for a maximum of 1 month with a maximum fine of 300 thousand rupiah. Then, if in less than two years the human gambler is caught because he is still gambling, then the penalty will be increased with a maximum demand of 3 months in prison and a maximum fine of 500 thousand rupiah.

Ali Sadikin and the streets of Jakarta

Public interest in lottery prizes and gambling is very high, which certainly benefits the government and related parties. However, for President Soekarno, such games were considered as destroyers of national morale. However, in the history of gambling, gambling was stopped in 1965 when President Soekarno issued Presidential Decree No. 113 of 1965 which stated that the tail lottery could destroy the morale of the nation.

If illegal gambling is left unchecked, only armed men will enjoy haram money. Therefore, Governor Ali Sadikin, DKI Jakarta issued a legal legal basis through Law Number 11 of 1957 which allows local governments to collect taxes on gambling permits.

For Ali Sadikin, gambling was legalized as an effort to develop the Jakarta city area. Followed by the Minister of Social Affairs, he had the idea to make a forecast in the form of a soccer prize voucher lottery . Porkas’ main objective is to raise human funds to support the coaching and development of sports achievements of Indonesians. Those are some of the history of gambling in Indonesia.

As for how to play gambling, one of them is guessing to win, draw, and lose. The first withdrawal of porkas was carried out on January 11, 1986, until the end of February 1986, the net funds raised from Porkas reached Rp. 1 billion, in October 1986 the porkas funds reached Rp. 11 billion to reach 13 billion which was set by the end of the year.

History of Lottery Gambling

The history of lottery gambling has been around since a long time ago, even more and more here, it is increasingly developing and diverse, especially since the principle of gambling is enough with minimal capital to get lucrative prizes. Lottery gambling entered Indonesia in the 1960s, which every time has different names and games. Just look at Bandung, humans call it Toto Raga Horse Racing is the type that is played, while in Jakarta it is given Nana Toto and Nalo or National Lottery).

Although it was stopped because of the issuance of Presidential Decree No. 113 of 1965 regarding the strict prohibition of humans playing the tail lottery. However, during the New Order era, the Indonesian state again legalized this type of gambling and in 1968, the Surabaya Government issued the PON Surya Lotto (Lottery Totalizer) with the intention of raising funds for the PON VII sport held in Surabaya in 1969. As well as Jakarta is one of the cities built people through the proceeds from the collection of taxes from gambling houses.

Social Generous Donations with Prizes

Before it was realized, President Soeharto sent Social Minister Mintaredja to conduct a comparative study to England to study this lottery system for two years. They want to have a lottery model without causing excess gambling. On January 1, 1989, the KSOB (Sports Donation Coupon with Prizes) and TSSB (Social Contribution with Prizes) were stopped and a new game called SDSB was replaced.

The purpose of this gambling man is to donate in good faith and is divided into two types of coupons, including coupon A for Rp. 5,000 with a prize of Rp. 1 billion, and coupon B for Rp. 1,000 with a prize money of Rp. 3.6 million and even more to millions. However, on November 25, 1993, the state revoked and canceled the granting of permission for the SDSB implementation in 1994. Gambling lottery in Indonesia ended after previously being preceded by various anti-SDSB student and human demonstrations.