This dragon tiger game originates from Cambodia, the dragon tiger game has become one of the most popular live casino games in the world, this is due to the simplicity and speed of playing this dragon tiger.

As we said earlier, this dragon tiger game is very easy to play, so there will be 2 cards that will be dealt, one for the dragon betting position on the table, and one for the tiger betting position. The higher bet position will be declared the winner. As a player, you place your bets on the Dragon, the Tiger or the Tie.

You will find side bets in the section below. Aces is the lowest card level, with the rest of the cards remaining, with other cards following the base value, and King is the highest card while the ace is the lowest card, so the order is K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and AS. The highest card will win the dragon tiger live card game. If the result is a tie, Dragon’s position and Tiger’s position will be matched to the same value, players will lose 50% of their bet even if their card is a dragon or tiger. Winnings will be paid at the end of the bet.

Terms and Conditions

Now that you know the basic knowledge of playing the dragon tiger card game, we will explain the terms and conditions in the dragon tiger card game. The first is in the card game dragon tiger will discard 1 card on every new shoe, the first card is revealed and after that the card will be discarded based on the first card. judi slot terpercaya

King, queen and jack cards will be beaten evenly with cards with a value of 10. The second is in the dragon tiger card game if there is the first mistake it will be automatically corrected if it does not affect the game, if it happens otherwise the game will be stopped and there will be no instead. It is up to the policies and situations in the game system to make the game void. The third is discard or burn card. Before starting a new game, 1 card must be discarded and the player must take the next card. HokiBet99 If there is an error in discarding the card, this will give a cancellation for the next card drawn, but the correction will definitely be made first, otherwise this may affect the outcome of the game.

Bet Type

In the dragon tiger card game, there are several types of bets that you can make. The first is the dragon bet, so you bet on the dragon card which will be bigger than the tiger card. The second is the tiger card, you will bet on the tiger card whose value is greater than the dragon card.

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The third is a tie, you bet on dragon cards and tiger cards that have the same value or tie. The fourth is big on dragon column, you will bet bigger on dragon card, which is 8 to 14. The fifth is small on dragon column, you will bet small on dragon card, which is 1 to 6. The sixth is big on the tiger column, you guys will bet big on the tiger card, which is 8 to 13. And the last one is small in the tiger column, that is, you will bet small on the tiger card, which is 1 to 6.

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