Euro 2021 is fast approaching and as fans of online soccer gambling, we can’t miss it! A lot of work needs to be done such as analyzing the strength of the team to predict which country will win the Euro this time.

But, did you know that in soccer gambling, betting is not only about the team that wins and the team that will be the winner. There are many types of bets we can play! In this article, we will discuss the various types of bets in soccer gambling and their requirements.

Money Line (Match Result)

Money Line or gambling results from matches is the most popular type of soccer gambling. This type of gambling is very standard, namely guessing which team will be the winner in a match. There are only three choices, namely, the home team wins, the away team wins, or the match ends in a draw. So, your job is simply to choose the team with the highest chance of winning or to guess whether the match will be even. Because of its simplicity, this type of soccer gambling is very popular with the Indonesian people.

At Euro 2021 this time, try to choose a superior team if you want to install money line gambling There are many top teams such as Germany, France, England, Belgium, Portugal and other world class teams.

Total Goals Over / Under

One more popular type of soccer gambling game is over / under soccer gambling. In this type of gambling, players only need to predict the total goals in one match, greater or less than the number that daftar joker123 has been placed.

As information, football is a game with a low score. It is also for this reason that over / under bets are usually in the range of 2.5. In a match that ends with a score of 1-0 , if you place an under 2.5, then you win and you can get money!

Point Spread

Point spread is a type of gambling game similar to a money line, however, it is added to the spread. The rules are quite simple, namely, the gambling agent will agen casino online the spread in the match. This spread value is usually -0.5 for the favorite team and +0.5 for the underdog team. If the quality between the favorite team and the underdog team differs greatly, then the spread value could be bigger, reaching 1.0 .

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To win on the point spread bet , you only need to choose a team that can cover the specified spread value . An example is a match with a spread of -1.0 / + 1.0 . If you choose the underdog team, then you can win the bet if the match ends in the underdog team’s win, draws, or only loses by one goal difference. As long as the team you have placed does not lose by more than two goals, then you win the bet. The opposite also applies if you install a team that is seeded. The team you place must win by a difference of two or more goals for you to win the bet.

Guess the Score

This type of soccer bet is very popular among Indonesians. The way to play is also quite easy, namely determining the result of one match within 90 minutes. Even though the way to play is easy, to win at guessing the score gambling is very difficult because football itself is a game that produces many surprises.

Both Teams to Score (Both Teams to Score)

You could say that the ‘ both teams to score ‘ type of soccer gambling game is very easy to play. In this type of play, you only have to guess whether during the 90 minutes both teams will score.

Tips for this type of soccer bet at Euro 2021 is to choose a match between two teams that are aggressive and have a strong front line. In addition, try to make both teams have a fragile back line. Usually, if these two teams meet, it will result in a lot of goals.

Bet on the Team to be Winner (Future)

The type of team bet that will win ( future ) can be said to be one of the most difficult types of soccer betting. Unlike the previous soccer bets, this type of soccer bet has a longer time. You are asked to choose the final outcome of the tournament and in this case Euro 2021, which team will be the champion. In-depth analysis is clearly needed for this type of gambling game.

Based on the predictions of well-known soccer gambling sites, many favor France to become champions at Euro 2021. In addition, there are other strong teams that are seeded to become champions, such as England, Belgium, Germany, Spain and Portugal.