The wait for the UEFA European Championship has become one of the longest-running football events in history for football lovers. For them, this soccer match is very much awaited because they have to wait more than two years to watch this big soccer tournament. In this way football fans responded with the re-emergence of their favorite international team of players.

In the midst of a pandemic like this, the cancellation of Euro 2021 has disappointed football fans who have been drowning for a long time. The current UEFA Euro Cup will take place next summer across Europe but starts and ends at Wembley where every England fan has high hopes that they can reap the same victories as Euro 1996 until the semifinals. In this article let’s take a look at the latest Euro 2021 bet via Bovada.

Which country is the favorite for Euro Cup betting?

Currently there are three winning teams attracting more soccer betting activities than any other team because each of the three teams strongly convinced football fans that they deserve to be ranked first as the favorite team for Euro 2021 betting. The new chance to win Euro 2021 is a team from Belgium with a stake of +500 and it is easy to judge why they are now so well-liked or favored. Through the technique of attacking players and being able to become a team that maintains their situs judi slot terpercaya career position at the top or top.

The Belgian team looks like it can’t be stopped just like that but in reality, which big teams have they eliminated in a competitive match? So let’s take a look at the Belgian and other leading teams in the Euro 2021 match.

Belgium was able to overcome difficulties and achieve Euro 2021 glory

Coming back to the 2018 world cup, the team that was beaten by the Belgian team in the group stage was the England team claiming that the Belgian team can equalize in a playoff win in third place against the same team and less is at stake. So in another knockout match, Belgium actually won against the Brazilian team but escaped with just one win, against the Japanese team with a score of 3-2 and lost to France. This suggests that at the Euros, it is likely that the Belgian team will face France again at some stage.

France Becomes a Strong Team

Les Bleus are the defending champions at the World Cup where after winning the World Cup in 1998, they have also won the next European championship despite the many difficulties they face. In the final, France lost to Italy until the 93rd minute when Sylvain Wilford’s goal pushed the match into extra time where David Trezeguet scored the ” golden goal “.

Although there are no exciting innovations to win Euro 2021, France is still a much better betting team because each player has protection in important positions around the field such as N’Golo Kante and Paul Pogba in midfield even at the front they have different ways to spoil the opponent’s play by trickery.

Other players such as Olivier Giroud’s expertise , Kylian Mbappe’s speed and Antoine Griezmann’s coupling on the pitch are simply stunning. But something else that surprises everyone is seeing France’s game rank behind the other three teams at Euro 2021.

England Team as a Risk Bet 

The England team is the favorite very far from being supported in the Euro 2021 tie which is illustrated by the huge gap in tournament wins to be precise over 55 years being a barrier in recent years. The 2018 World Cup was the first stage for the Croatian team to get past the English team who took the lead in the semifinals, namely for two Manchester City players against Kyle Walker and John Stones players who gave up in the end. It was the last chance to appear in a World Cup final for half a century.

Meanwhile England have improved in recent years and the past months have been unsatisfactory due to the unlikely position of re-opening opportunities at Euro 2021. It’s hard to guess who exactly their defender Harry Kane is unprotected and can agen judi sbobet rely on up front.

Optimism has become a form of awareness of England lovers with the development of players in recent years such as Trent Alexander-Arnold and Dominic Calvert -Lewin but to win the tournament, the player will be placed behind as many as six teams at Euro 2021. With such a strategy, England will succeed. reach the semifinals.

The Team That Chases the Title of Champion

There are several teams that have a great chance of becoming tough opponents at Euro 2021 in Europe next summer. In particular, the group at the back follows the favorites as the trophy winners and the big players who will prove that the winner of Euro 2021 this season is not the same as predicted.

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Germany faces tough opponents in the champions’ group

It is difficult to predict Germany’s latest chances at this European championship as a team returning to action at this stage with their squad players still Germany’s most feared mainstay. Germany have come under fire in recent months for their Nations League campaign after losing six goals to the Spanish side. So that this time the tournament became the most important part for them to break records with any of the best favorite teams in the world.

After winning the European Championship 3 times then for this season’s tournament will be trying their best since 1996. However, it is undeniable that the senior squad players will be able to overcome heavy group opponents who will face France, Portugal and the Hungarian team as their barrier to the knockout stage. This is of course very complicated for Joachim Low.

Bet Amount: Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Portugal

The majority of various groups of people chase their favorite team to place bets as a chance to win Euro 2021 and guarantee winning bets on the Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese teams. 

Many predictions do not think why the defending champions Portugal are at the bottom of the tournament list. Players Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes are two of the best players in the world at the moment but the hope of all is to get past the strong group with France before picking up some wins in the knockout stages.

It is very similar to the Euro won by Greece last time when the most crucial match of the Portugal vs France group was in the final.

Spain is a dangerous team because their group consists of Poland, Slovakia and Sweden who must be avoided. Meanwhile the Netherlands and Italy as a threat team at the last stage.

The group or team chasing the title of champion falls to the Portuguese team because with the players Joao Felix and the former Manchester United it looks like a good bet option at 14/1 if they can qualify from their group.

Control from Outside

As a supporter of the Danish team to win the Euro match with Christian Eriksen, of course you will be pessimistic because he left the Milan team. The meeting with Italy might be considered as one of the championship matches, while the Danish team consisting of Belgium, Finland and Russia could be beaten easily.

Based on an unpredictable team and could face spontaneous elimination by surprising big teams in matches such as the Hungarian side posing a threat to the German team in the second leg after losing to Portugal in the opening match. Hungary is a dynamic team in qualifying unlike Scotland, Wales and North Macedonia who are only a team to balance the numbers in the game.

This article will return to our discussion of the 2021 Euro betting odds, which in the coming weeks will have more powerful information on the biggest sporting event this summer.

How to Read Euro 2021 Betting

On any BK8 football betting site , of course, anyone will want to understand how to read or see contract opportunities like this are listed below:

  • Belgium: +500
  • Israel: +900
  • Sweden: +1250
  • Scotland: +3000

If you make a traditional straight up bet, the team favorites will be shown with a minus sign (-). This means that there are no clear lead runners. While the plus sign (+) is the country with the lowest odds, even though it’s the favorite team, which is generally used to show the underdog team.

If you don’t see the group or team schedule and guess that Sweden will dominate and reach the top then a $ 100 bet will be paid to you at $ 1,350 which is the clear money that will be returned to you plus the winnings of $ 1,250 . It is a calculation tool that will tell you how much you will win based on the odds and the number of bets offered.

What is the Futures Bet on the Euro Championship?

A futures bet is a bet made long before a major event. Here the stakes are on the four-year Euro contest. It can be said that most bets are made before sports events but futures contracts can be placed long before the start of the match. In fact the last championship was won and new opportunities will be released.

The odds will shift as the group stage or team draws closer and reaches just before the final is played at Wembley Stadium on July 11, 2021. If these odds are readable then use these odds to get the maximum value on the bet.