Development and Types of Online Slots

One of the first things you might notice if you are interested in online slots is that there are so many variations in the game. The software developers judi slot via pulsa games via certainly always want to provide innovative games to fans so that they will always enjoy the game and never feel bored.

If you are relatively new to the game, you might think that all slots are the same and there are no differences. It’s true, the basic rules and how to play them are basically the same.

However, you need to know that each type of slot has its own features and how to get different wins. In this article, we will explain the variations of slot games so that you can choose according to your preferences.

Slot Game Development

It may be easier to explain the different types of online slots by knowing in advance how this game came about. The first slot machine invented was called “Liberty Bell” in 1894 by an American mechanic, Charles Fey.

The Liberty Bell slot version only has three reels that use metal with five symbols on each reel, namely the heart, spade, diamond, bell, and horseshoe symbol. The main prize is achieved if you manage to get the three bell symbols, so this is the source of the machine name. These original slot machines were so popular that they encouraged other entrepreneurs to create their own Agen Casino Sbobet of the game (fruit machines for example).

Slots were developed over the years due to consumer demand as well as technological improvements. In the 1970s, video slots began to appear, and came with additional functions such as mini games, special feature symbols, and sometimes even the ability to hold certain reels during spins.

Other interesting options were introduced such as the ability to choose the amount of credit to bet on each spin. Early versions of the game had only one win line or payline, but with the presence of an online version of the slot, this allowed players to select multiple paylines. It makes the game more interesting and profitable because it means that the player has more than one chance of winning per spin.

Different Types of Slots

All kinds of online slot games are just variations of the original game, but some versions have multiple functions and ways to win. The following are the types of slots that are most popular today.

  • Classic Slots

Classic slot machines in land-based casinos have a lever on the side of the machine to spin the reels. This slot usually still uses mechanical reels in the machine and only uses 3 reels with one payline. As for the online version, you will sometimes find classic 3 reel slots that offer more than one payline, some even reach 9 paylines.

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Classic slots usually use symbols that are similar to the original, namely fruits and the lucky 7 and BAR symbols. This type of slot is perfect for beginners who are new to slots, because the shape of this slot is simpler. But nowadays, there are still many professional players who play it because it will remind them of the nuances of slots in the days before the judi slot bonus terbesar.

  • Slot Video

Video slots are very different from classic slots physically. Whereas classic slots use mechanical reels and levers to operate the machine, then video slots already use virtual reels and spin buttons.

Video slots come with various additional features such as multi paylines, and a wider variety of symbols. All online slots available today include video slots.

  • 5 Reels Slots

5 reel slots belong to video slots and as such, often offer many useful features. If the classic 3 reel slots generally only have one payline which is in the middle of the reels, then the 5 reel slots offer more than one payline, often 20 or 25 paylines, some slots even offer 100 paylines.

In addition, the features included in this type of slot include bonus rounds, free spins, and respins. Most slots also add wild and scatter symbols that can increase your winnings. That’s why the 5 reel slot is the most popular type of online slots.

  • Progressive Jackpot Slots

If the initial slot only offers a jackpot with a fixed value, then this time you can find a slot with a jackpot whose value continues to increase every time the player spins on the machine.

Progressive jackpots on online slots are often associated with many online casinos from various slot games connected to the jackpot network. Thus, the numbers are certainly increasing every second.

That is the type of online slot that is most popular and widely played today. You can play all types of slots on situs slot terpercaya. You will find hundreds of game variations that are sure to suit your preferences. Apart from slot games, trusted slot sites also provide other types of betting, such as online poker, soccer gambling and live casino. You can play all types of games with only one account.