Complete tutorial on how to play Domino online at a trusted agent

How to play a domino card is that it consists of 28 small cards with a different circle for each card and the circle is the number. In the past, this game was just an entertainment that the Indonesian people could play at that time, but along with the development of technology. This game has changed its function, which was previously only for entertainment, now it is to find additional income through online gambling sites.

Guide on How to Play Domino Online

Before playing domino qq poker on an online site, you should choose a site or agent that is truly trusted so you can get benefits and advantages in the game. Like this is a complete guide on how to play dominoes .

In the early rounds of the bettor game, 4 cards each will be dealt by the dealer or system

Then the second round the bettor will get 4 cards which are then added up, the value is divided into 2 sets.

But if the 2 sets of cards that have been divided are worth more than two digits, for example it reaches 21. Then only the unit number is taken or the last digit.

To determine the winner in each round, players qq poker play must add up the results of the first set of cards and if the result is a draw. Then you can add up all the results from the initial and second rounds and the player with the small card will win.

Then the second way to determine the winner is only players with 9 points or close to 9 who win.
Then the way to play is to use a system of rules as below to quickly win.

At the beginning of the game Agen Bola Maxbet will be distributed 3 cards by the dealer randomly if you want to continue, you can take the check / raise. This is to take the 4th card, which is a check so that the dealer will distribute the 4th card to you.

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But if it turns out that the card you get is a bad card where there is no chance of winning, you can Fold. This is to indicate that you have stopped betting or do not continue betting.

To determine the winner in the game is still the same as the rules above, namely the live chat qq poker player with a value of 9 or close to 9.

If at the end of the game round results in a draw / draw winner then the decision is to look for the highest combination of cards or twin cards.

But if you get a tie, the final decision is to find the card with the highest number of circles from the player. The rules for playing cards are almost the same as the others.

Guide on how to determine online domino jackpot cards

When playing cards dominoes would have to look for the special card or commonly called the jackpot to get the big win. Here’s how to determine a combination card in a card game.

God Card (6)

If the 4 cards distributed by the dealer have 6 circles for each card then you are certain to win. This card is the most perfect card combination or it is called a god card, also in 28 cards there are only 4 pieces.

4 Balak

The second card combination is 4 logs where if the 4 cards have a double circle value or twin cards. In a domino card game this is the worst card combination because it can be threatened to lose.

Pure Great

If the 4 cards are dealt, it gets a large value with the results reaching 40 if added.

Small Pure

The opposite of the previous one, that is, if the cards added do not reach a value of 9 or less.