Online Casino Gambling provides a variety of trusted games that are presented live by players from all parts of the world. Almost all countries including the city of Las Vegas are gambling centers. The advantage is that their government legalizes gambling in the city. It’s just that Indonesia is now one of the countries in Asia where the majority of the population is Muslim, so all forms of betting on gambling are strictly prohibited.

Gambling Games Banned in Indonesia

It is true that currently gambling is strictly prohibited in Indonesia, but there are some of the most popular and trusted slot agen judi online games in Indonesia such as poker, capsa susun, dominoes, and online ceme which are allowed to play. Online casino games provide a great opportunity for the public to win but a strict prohibition based on law means that gambling, whether on land or online, is not found on a legitimate local website.

During the time of Governor Ali Sadikin had issued a post of Law No.11 of 1957 which tried to legalize gambling by collecting taxes on permits to play gambling in Jakarta to build the city of DKI Jakarta. But in 1974 a legal rule was issued against the strict prohibition of playing gambling in article 303 paragraph 3 of the Criminal Code and Law No.7 1974. So that one can pay attention to one of the advantages and disadvantages if casinos are prohibited in Indonesia, including:

  • The first advantage is that it is very safe to be played freely by players as well as comfortable.
  • The second advantage is that you can get profits with a little capital, namely the players of this online gambling betting site game have a great chance to win the game with little capital but make profits as well as very large bonuses.
  • It’s hard to find, it’s a drawback to playing casino slots because the agent that provides this game is lacking. There are only a few of some agents who provide this game, so players who want to play are limited.
  • The existence of fraud is that the lack of casinos is very dominated by the majority of players who are afraid to find and join to play casino in online gambling because of the high number of frauds.

Advantages if online casinos are legalized in Indonesia

Gambling games in Indonesia are increasingly prevalent everywhere as evidence in the 1957 era of Governor Ali Sadikin legalizing gambling in Jakarata as a form of government efforts to build the city of Jakarta by collecting taxes from gambling. So that the legalism of gambling makes the city of DKI Jakarta very lucky to be able to take advantage of the tax returns from gambling. However, opening gambling is also not always profitable because a business has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, what are the advantages and disadvantages if online casino games are legalized in Indonesia? The following is an explanation of some of the advantage points of playing online casino gambling if it is legal, including:

  • The increase in the economy, with the presence of gambling entering Indonesia, it will be profitable because gambling houses will automatically pay the taxes that have been imposed on every legal business. Not only that, gambling will also benefit from Indonesia’s tourism sector, which is the strength of this country to bring in more visitors. such as abroad, the city of Las Vegas has experienced an increase in visitors who will play gambling there.
  • Legal Conduct, if a country legally prohibits gambling games, more people will play as soon as they arrive in other people’s countries.
  • Entertainment, this online casino and its bets are legalized by Indonesia so this will be a safe and attractive way to relieve stress.
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Losses if Legal Online Casino in Indonesia

Gambling will not necessarily always benefit both from the side of the gambling players themselves, even the state is also the impact of the disadvantages of online casino gambling if it’s legal in Indonesia. Some of the disadvantages of going to casino play are:

  • Financial problems, gamblers who are at risk such as losing directly when playing casino which results in a lack of property due to being drained out when playing gambling bets.
  • Addiction or addiction where players while playing gambling sites will continue to get addicted and don’t think of stopping even if it’s just for a short break.
  • Increased crime as a result of losing bets so that players lose a lot of money.
  • Bankrupt small businesses, of course, are considered to have a bad impact on small entrepreneurs who take part in gambling which eliminates their customers due to gambling houses.
  • The game has a large enough stakes because it is only played by professionals. this is the reason for one of the drawbacks of casino gambling.

Choosing an Online Casino Gambling Site Game

At the appearance of the online gambling system for the first time, there were only a few kinds of games. But over time, there are more variations of online casino gambling games that are no less interesting. That way there will be many people or players looking for and then choosing to play online casino gambling. The types of gambling games to play online casinos that are trusted and most popular are domino gambling, casino slots, betting on soccer matches.

While the bonus from each game is determined by the large value of the bet placed, so the advantages of the type in online casino gambling games that offer big bonuses belong to the gambler. But still with portions.

Pros and Cons of Online Gambling Site Games

Same thing with trusted casino gambling, online slots also have many types of games and their advantages compared to casino games because they can be played easily online.

  • There are many available on gambling agent sites
  • Each type of game is easy to play
  • Provides huge prizes and bonuses for winning players
  • Lack of features such as service and customer service that can harm the online slot site itself.
  • There is an immediate risk of losing players in playing money bets.